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Are You Ready for Driverless Shuttles? Here We Go

So Delhi 8 Feb 2016


One after the other, the Delhi Auto Expo has been uncloaking marvels and the Novus-Drive - the driverless shuttle has highly impressed Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways. Ah, the winds of change are blowing Delhi’s way!

This Automated Guided Vehicle has not been imported, but rather all the work has been done right here in Gurgaon by a company called Hi Tech Robotic Systemz Ltd. Nice!

The Novus-Drive has a capacity to seat 14 people at a time, and operates using its high fidelity sensors and robust algorithms for navigating and planning its path. It’s battery run mechanism makes it super eco-friendly too!

So you can just hop on and set your destination in the tablet mounted on it and you’re good to go! Mind blown right?

Source | Hindustan Times