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Aqua Line Metro Stations MAY Have Radio FMs For The 1st Time Ever & That's Pretty Cool!


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Our dear Delhi Metro has always been full of surprises for us and Noida Metro is no exception! They’ve got some amazing plans for their newbie Aqua Line and we just can’t wait to hop on. Take a look!

What’s Happening? | The NMRC is planning to introduce radio FM services on the Aqua Line and that sounds just so cool! The facility will be available at metro stations, where, while waiting for their train, passengers shall be regaled with breaking news, special programmes and more. How awesome! 

The idea is to ensure that people are entertained while they wait for the metro. You’ll get to hear songs, announcements and updates about Noida Metro’s activities through the FM. Interviews with celebrities might also be featured on these shows. Nice!

Did you know that Lucknow Metro already has this facility in their metro stations? These guys collaborated with Radio City 91.1 FM, which gives specialised programmes at metro stations! 

Well, we can’t wait for these FM radios to grace our metro stations too!

Sourced Via Metro Rail News