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Apple Pie, Chocolate Dip Platter & More: What We Stuffed Ourselves With @ The Chocolate Villa



Who said South Delhi has the best bakeries in town? Revving up some serious competition for the already established big names in the bakery business, The Chocolate Villa in DC Chowk, Rohini is the true definition of a hidden gem. Not something you will easily stumble upon in this super busy market, this place brings quality cakes and bakes to the masses at a pretty decent price. 

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If you’re looking for a nice cafe for your first date, then you just hit jackpot with this one! This place will make conversations sweeter than ever as you go about devouring their desserts and savoury items one after the other. 

The place is entirely vegetarian and even their cakes are completely eggless. Most people think eggless pastries lack true flavour but the chef here knows just the right trick. Run by a couple who loves food and serving people, this place has become more like family to the local teenagers in the hood. As people chit-chat with the owner about their life and food, the ambiance becomes very inviting. 

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Coming to the menu, it’s quite comprehensive with a whole bunch of sweet and savoury things to choose from. You just can’t stop looking at the pretty cakes on display and finally decide on one. We delightedly took the bait and tried a whole bunch of things from their kitchen to tell you all the dos and don’ts - read on!

The Chocolate Dip Platter 

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To try out a host of things at once, we went for the platter that contained Donut, Eclair, Brownie Cupcake, a piece of handmade dark chocolate with a rich chocolate dipping sauce. If this doesn’t mean death by chocolate, we don’t know what does! 

The Donut and Cupcake were really moist and soft. The sweetness was just right to make you reach out for more. The dark chocolate was a nice bitter contrast to the same. The eclair seemed a little old and dry, to be honest. We did like the taste of the dipping sauce but in this selection of items, it seemed rather unnecessary. 

Price | Rs 220 

Focaccia Stuffed Chipotle

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This was something that looked deceptively simple yet tasted so good that you become a fan in the first go! This stuffed-sandwich-like dish was made out of flavoured bread that contained olives and jalapenos; the filling was comprised of an assortment of vegetables smothered in a spicy chipotle sauce. Everything tasted delicious when put together but the presentation could not do justice to what the dish actually tasted like. 

Price | Rs 170 

Baked Nachos Corn Chaat 

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Cheese is the best comfort food for most of us because it’s not an ingredient, it’s a hug! There is nothing in this world that a dollop of melted cheese can’t cure. This dish contained an overload of corn with some other vegetables like capsicum and onions to go along. The quantity of nachos in this was really less and the overall price did not match up to the amount of product we expected. It did taste really good because of the perfect amount of cheese and tandoori mayonnaise, but the proportions left us a little sad! 

Price | Rs 140 

Brownie Shake 

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One of richest brownie shakes in the area! Even if it looks like something you can get at any juice shop around the corner, the taste was really creamy and chocolatey. The brownie was blended perfectly to make a thick shake and the small chunks of brownie added at the bottom made it even better. A must have if you land up at this place! 

Price | Rs 125

Stuffed Garlic Bread With Corn And Jalapeno 

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This was a spin off on the focaccia we’d just tasted before. It contained cheese corn and jalapenos inside grilled pieces of garlic bread. It tasted good but the focaccia was much better and we’d recommend that instead of this anyday. 

Price | Rs 150

Apple Pie

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Coming back to the sweetness after a round trip in savoury land, we were hit by a strong flavour of cinnamon in a classic Apple Pie. The serving is quite small and appropriate for one person. The slow-cooked apple chunks in the baked pastry on top contained a prominent flavour of cinnamon and nutmeg and the sweetness was well balanced by the tartness of the fruit. The coconut shavings on top brought the whole thing together and we loved it!

Price | Rs 60 

All in all, the place serves food at a much higher quality when compared with the other joints in the area. They definitely know their craft and have created quite a significant name for themselves when it comes to birthday cakes and custom cupcakes. The only thing we found lacking was the attention to detail in the presentation. If that part can be compensated, we really feel this place can become one of the best cafes in Rohini! 

Location | The Chocolate Villa, 110, 1st Floor, MM Mall, DC Chowk, Sector 9, Rohini