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Apple Cinnamon, Rose Lavender & 30 More Tea Varieties @ This Cute Tea Cafe In GGN


Are you a die-hard tea lover? Then TEA Street in Gurgaon is going to be your one go-to for soothing and aromatic teas that are thoroughly unique and offbeat. With over 30 varieties of teas available here, a mix of green as well as black tea, this place tailor-made for all tea lovers! 

Fragrant Tea Haven | They say Darjeeling is the land of good ol’ aromatic tea, but this lil cafe in Gurgaon’s got some a whopping 30+ varieties of tea that’ll give you full-on Darjeeling feels here in Delhi. 

A cutesy little tea room in G-Town, these guys serve everything going from Basil Lemongrass Chai to the classic ol’ Ginger Tea, Apple Cinnamon Green Tea, Rose Lavender Green Tea and TONS more! 

Apart from these options, they’ve also got some signature concoctions like White & Fruity Crescent, Green Boulevard, Sancha-Dori, Assam Malty Sarani and the like! Being avid tea lovers, we’re heading over right away to give these a shot. 

Along with the yummy teas, they’ve even got some classic tea nibbles like brownies, pound cake and muffins to go with your cuppa. Perf!

Meal For Two | Rs 300
Where | TEA Street - 2nd Floor, Global Foyer, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon
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