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Appetite German Bakery: Not-So-Perfect For Your Appetite! We're Telling Our Story



In business since 2000, Appetite German Bakery has been serving people – mostly tourists, at Paharganj Main Market. Twenty minutes away from RK Ashram Marg Metro Station, this place opens at 7 AM and offers a lavish breakfast menu for its customers. We visited their threshold for our own breakfast and by just looking at the menu, we had delightful smiles and expectations on our faces. To handle all kinds and sorts of tourists visiting their café, they’ve hired skillful waiters to serve their customers. 

There was a huge bottle of diversification, filled with individuals from different backgrounds – Africans, Americans, Mexicans etc; but according to the staff, many Delhiites don’t even know about the place. There are hardly any desi customers to serve at the tables. But there were both pros and cons to the place! 

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By looking at the place – the furniture, walls and roof, maintenance of the restaurant; we were not sure that our food would be prepared in a hygienic environment. With ceiling coming off and tapered walls, we were taken aback with the qualitative lack of maintenance of the restaurant. Even though it’s an adjoining part of Hotel Vishal, the decor definitely needs to be rehabbed. When we talked to the manager of the restaurant, Mr. Farid Alam, about the condition they’re operating in, he told us that the renovation took place just a year ago, and the hotel is not ready to take any responsibility, even though it has acquired our place. It was truly a case of irresponsibility and carelessness, with regards to the hotel management. 

After giving our feedback and complaint form at the reception of that hotel, we came back to our table and started to look at the menu, to feed our hungry selves. From Mexican to Italian to Indian, they had limited listings under each of their variations in cuisine. Almost every platter/dish looked similar, hence we ordered the basic ones. Here goes! 

Ginger Lemon Tea

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To start with, we ordered tea – to detox ourselves and to feel fresh before we started hogging in earnest. That glass of tea was a perfect mix of ginger and lemon tea, nice and fresh and no one flavour overpowered the other. The strands of ginger were settled on the bottom, while the tea had a refreshing taste of honey on the surface. Stirred well, we relished our cuppa!

Schnitzel Sandwich 

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Pretty excited about this sandwich, we eagerly waited for this to be served at our table. And once it arrived, it was a delight to look at. The bread used was soft and buttered well, to enhance the rich brown color on the surface. The veggies were perfectly wedged in between the bread slices, whereas the schnitzel was mixed in with mayo and butter. Even though small in quantity, stuffed in between, it didn’t affect the taste as it was well spread among the corners of the sandwich. It quite added to our meal, while we ordered the last installment of our breakfast. 

Pancake Breakfast Platter

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Our taste buds next wanted something sweet and we ordered the Pancake Breakfast, which included two banana pancakes with honey, fruit and salad custard plus tea/coffee. We ordered the pancakes with honey and Nutella both, because why not! Once served, we were a little disappointed to see burnt pancakes, a not-so-clean bowl of fruit and salad custard and the beverage along with it was not served for a long while. Hence, we cancelled it. 

The pancakes were just ok, but the sides were burnt and hence had a crispy surface to them, with blackened edges. The curd used was sour-to-death and the fruit was not cleaned properly before being served.

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It was not an overly worthy experience, but it was not a huge disappointment too. Clearly, there is scope for a lot of improvement. This addition to German bakeries around the city, is not recommended. Hope the authorities take note of the feedback and make better use of this place, and continue to serve customers! 

Meal For Two | Rs 600
Location | 1575/80, Main Bazaar, Paharganj

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