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Apparate To This Harry Potter-Themed Halloween Party Wearing Your Hogwarts Robes In Aerocity

City Wire 23 Oct 2019


Fair denizens of the magical world woven by J.K. Rowling, you’d be chuffed to know that even though your Hogwarts letter never arrived when you were 11, you can still be a part of this alluring universe on Halloween at this super pretty eatery in Aerocity!

Halloween + Harry Potter = Harroween | So word is, the beautiful Imperfecto Shor is organising a Halloween party but what’s got us springing up and down with exuberance is the fact that the soiree is Harry Potter-themed and the ardent Potterhead in us is totes losing its shizz right now. For starters, you’ve to come donning a witch or wizard attire which means slipping into those Hogwarts robes that you’ve dreamt of guising yourselves in for so long. 

In keeping with the theme, the decor of the entire place will reflect everything Harry Potter thereby whisking you away from the Muggle-verse and transporting you to the magical world. What’s more is that these folks will also test your knowledge on the beloved series with a thrilling quiz amongst other fun activities and the winner might get FREE drinks! Oh, and before we forget, put on your Invisibility Cloaks and sneak inside before 10 PM as after that the couple charge will be Rs 3,000.

Alright then, see y’all there? And don’t forget to get the craziest of your fellow Potterheads for the celebrations will be as fun and grand as the Yule Ball!

When | Thursday - 31st October, 2019
Where | Imperfecto Shor - Cafe - Hospitality District Asset 5A, Aerocity 
Timings | 6:30 - 11:55 PM
Call Them | +91 9999 123 892
Entry | Rs 3,000 (For Couples After 10 PM)
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