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App Alert | Shuttling Across Town With Shuttl, Your Mobile Ride

So Delhi 4 Mar 2016


Picture Courtesy: Yourstory

We've just stumbled upon a smart bus that's cool, safe and reliable - Shuttl, serving throughout Delhi NCR and has made it to our list! To book a ride all you need to do is pick a boarding point, a pick up point and time of commencement, and then you'll get your boarding pass so that you needn't get into any further taxing tasks. Easy Peasy right?

Why It Should Still Be Just a Backup Option | Although we've heard some awesome reviews, they're also failing on many fronts. The app currently lacks a GPS tracker (major blunder) and though they promise a fully air conditioned Shuttl, the AC's aren't functional in a lot of cases. They've still got some bugs that need ironing out!

We're currently still in two minds whether to go for it or not, but it's still a pretty great, convenient and viable option to commute across the city. Try it out and let us know how your experience was!

Download The App Here |