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Apni Dilli Just Became The 2nd State In The Country To Have An e-RTI Portal

So Delhi 11 July 2017


With everything going online, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal just decided to make the filing of an RTI just a click away with an online form for the same! 

Delhi just became the second state in the country to launch an e-RTI portal which will enable citizens to file an online Right To Information application. Maharashtra being the first, Delhi has now followed suit. Kejriwal, who himself was an RTI activist before he joined politics, says that in order to make government functioning all the more transparent and efficient, there is a need to put all the relevant information online and the Aam Aadmi Party government is working towards that.

There is definitely a need to take RTI processing and filing to a whole new level and thus if all governments put in an effort and put all important information which will affect people’s lives online, then there will be no need to file the RTI since everything is up there for you to read about and know! 

Good going Arvind Kejriwal! 

To File An RTI Log On To |

Sourced Via Hindustan Times