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Anyone Who's Ever Been To GK I's M Block Mkt Is Crazy Over Aunty Momos Ke Momos!

So Delhi 6 Dec 2016


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Located in a tiny corner in GK I's M Block Market, Aunty’s Momos are as famous as the wheat momos at Brown Sugar! If you’re a fan of momos (and who isn’t?!) then you have to give these a shot. 

Ask anyone in M Block Market and they’ll guide you straight to Aunty’s little corner so you can happily dive into a plate of delicious momos! You can’t afford to not try this place, because that would just be the equivalent to committing a sin for our beating momo hearts. 

She’ll serve you the most decadent maida-clad, minced chicken/vegetable balls with a tangy yet spicy chutney that just makes it even better. Head on over and give them a shot, guys!

Price Per Plate | Rs 40
Where To Dig In | Next to Prince Paan, M Block Market, GK I