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Another Cool New Beer Brand To Look Out For In GGN - Ekta's A Spicy & Fruity Saison Beer!

So Delhi 10 Nov 2016


Gurgaon’s been the hub for new and up and coming beer brands and they just added another one to their list, Ekta! Ekta is slightly different from the rest though, it’s a Saison beer that’s brewed by breweries in Gurgaon and Bangalore itself. 

Saison beers are fruity, spicy and highly carbonated! Ekta, in particular, is a tart, sour-ish beer, and will be available in two versions: a Hibiscus Saison at Quaff, and a Masala Saison, brewed with pepper and cloves, that will be on tap at LAGOM. Cool! 

The hibiscus flower selection was done because of it’s availability all over India and the reason behind these spices being used was because clove and pepper is pretty popular in North and South Indian cooking! Makes sense.

The masterminds behind this beer are Bangalore Brew Crew, RJ Brewing Solutions, Tales Of Froth and The Thirsty Monks! 

At the moment, Ekta will only be available in Gurgaon, but soon it’ll expand to other parts of India as well. We can't wait to go glug it down ourselves!

Where To Chug | Quaff, DLF Cyber City and LAGOM Kitchen + Brewery, Sohna Road, Gurugram