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Snap Up Quirky Unicorn Slippers, Minion Comforters With Arms (Wow) & More From This Cool Webstore!

Hey there, shopaholics! Were you, by any chance, looking for some pretty and offbeat stuff for your homes or yourselves? Well, then you’re in luck as we’ve got you this awesome webstore with unique products that are defo gonna make you jump with joy. Take a look!

Here’s What We Loved ‘Bout This Webstore | So, while we were lazily surfing on our phones one fine day, we came across this online store called Mango People Shop where we found some amazing products. These peeps have an array of unicorn items like unicorn diaries, bottles, jars, plush slippers and loads more. How cool! We also fell in love with their super cozy fur robes and can’t wait to put them on!

Their blush feather lamps also left us with heart eyes and we’re sure they’re gonna add a touch of beauty to our rooms. And the best part of it all is that these guys have this Minion Bed Comforter with arms and we can’t even imagine how cozy this one’s gonna be on those chilly winter evenings. You’ll also find quirky cat tail iPhone cases, rainbow mats, super cute tea sets (Beauty And The Beast’s Mrs Potts be our fave!), castle tents for kids, elephant sofas, chocolate-shaped pens (wow) and more. Phew, SO many cool things to choose from!

Their bizarre yet mind blowing products will leave you in a tizzy as well, guys! So, break your piggy banks and score some offbeat stuff for yourselves and your space!

Price | Rs 100 Onwards 
Call Them | +91 9580 958 888
Shop Online Here |
Check Out Their FB Page |

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