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Anda Pyaaz, Classic Aloo & 2 More Buttery Paranthas To Try @ Famous Pandit Ji Parantha Hut

Craving some desi paranthas for breakfast? Don’t fret, we’ve found the perfect place for you guys! For those foodies out there who prefer North Indian cuisine over burgers or pizzas, ‘Pandit Ji Parantha Hut’ might just become your new favourite. Located near Satyawati College, this one’s a pretty famous dhaba in Ashok Vihar where you can spot West Delhiites and even South Delhiites who often come up here just to gorge on their favourite paranthas. We couldn’t resist checking this place out ourselves and we’d defo recommend you guys land your paratha-hungry bottoms over here! Here’s what we dug into:

1. Anda Pyaaz Parantha

Fair warning: this Anda Pyaaz Parantha is like eating two paranthas at once! They start with making an onion-rich parantha and then cooking it again with eggs - yep.  The inside of the dish is the pyaaz parantha and the outside of it contains eggs. Geddit? If not, just go ahead and try this one out yourself because it tastes heavenly. Thumbs up for this one!

Price | Rs 65

2. Aloo Pyaaz Parantha

Served with a huge slice of butter on top, the Aloo Pyaaz Parantha had a generous amount of filling. It’s served with onions, chutney and pickles on the side. Perfectly cooked, it’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside - much like all of their paranthas.  Taste it once, and you’ll get why it’s one of their most famous dishes! *Nom nom*

Price | Rs 35

3. Gobhi Parantha

Like the other paranthas, their Gobhi Parantha was just the right amount of crispy. Overflowing with stuffing of gobhi, this parantha was just the perfect amount of spicy and salty. Cut one bite, and the stuffing inside will come bursting out. Even if your stomach is full, you’ll be begging for more once you try this parantha out!

Price | Rs 40   

4. Mix Parantha

We tried their Mix Parantha next and weren’t surprised that it was a crowd-pleaser. The stuffing included all the veggies you can possibly imagine and came filled with paneer, mashed potatoes, gobhi, onions and of course, radish. The butter on top just added more to the already heavy parantha. Most importantly, it tasted ahh-mazing!

Price | Rs 40

Their menu also offers other North Indian dishes like Rajma Chawal, Curry Chawal, Dal and more. The best way to wait while your parantha is being cooked is to have a hot cup of chai or coffee. Another good bit about this hut/dhaba is that there is ample seating arrangement. You won’t have to stand in the heat to gorge on these piping hot paranthas.

Irrespective of the time, you’ll always find a huge crowd waiting outside the joint to dive into their food. But we say that the food is worth waiting for a few minutes to get a table if not more. The prices are also EXTREMELY pocket friendly. So go there again and again with your buddies without worrying twice - see you there!

Location | Behind Wah Ji Wah, Ashok Vihar, Phase 2