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Anand Vihar Railway Station Just Got A Brand New Massage Kiosk & We're Shook



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Anand Vihar Railway Station has been creating a buzz in the town with the recent developments that have happened over here. Hola, Delhizens! We’re here to tell you about some of the new developments at this railway station. 

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Picture Credits: PiyushGoyal

Inaugurating Development | On 19th of February, four new passenger amenities were inaugurated at the Anand Vihar Railway Station. It includes ‘Dava Dost’ which provides high-quality medicines for discounts of up to 80%! They also opened ‘The New Shop’ which sources unique consumer products from Indian startups and MSMEs.

The company behind ‘The New Shop’ uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to understand and predict consumer behaviour and also provides real-time tracking of sales. Plus they even inaugurated a massage kiosk and a waiting lounge here so that you have a relaxing time while expecting your train. Pretty cool, eh?

What’s your take on these new developments?!

Sourced Via Livemint