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An On-Demand Food Delivery App By Uber - UberEATS Is Finally Coming To India *Woohoo*!

City Wire 24 Jan 2017


UberEATS was launched in 2014 in LA and now they're finally coming to India too! For those who don't have a clue what this is, UberEATS is an on-demand food delivery app powered by Uber that’ll get your favourite food delivered to you right away!

How It Works | Uber ties up with the best local restaurants in the city to get you your food delivered super fast! They’ll be launching an app that makes getting great food as easy as pushing a button. It'll be your new way of discovering great food through the pairing of great restaurants and Uber’s nifty technology!

The app will give consumers, restaurant partners, and delivery partners more options across India. Restaurants can tap into the Uber delivery network to expand their businesses and reach a new network of potential customers. And delivery partners now have access to even more flexible earning!

We can't wait for it to launch - lets see how it pans out! 

Download the Uber app from |