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An Elegant White-On-White Theme That's Upper-Crust British: Eywa By Saby Looks Gorgeous!

So Delhi 24 Mar 2017


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Looking for a quaint yet elegant place to go on your next date with bae? Eywa by Saby is the one option you’ll be left starstruck with in the first look! 

Located in the quiet and old-school Mehar Chand Market, this place is as English as it can get. With simple yet completely British interiors and flowers adorning the ceiling, it’s a one of a kind place that’s finally here to change the dining style of us Delhiites. 

Their menu includes everything from scrumptious bruschettas to pancakes, pizzas, pastas and soups. It’s an intimate, 20-seater restaurant and is simply a work of art. Head on over to see for yourself! 

Where | 48, 1st Floor, Mehar Chand Market
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