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An Awesome Psychological Thriller Play Starring The Legendary Shabana Azmi, go Watch Broken Images!

City Wire 13 July 2016


A famous psychological thriller starring Shabana Azmi, Broken Images is a play centred around a writer, Manjula Sharma, that's being put up this Sunday at the Air Force Auditorium.

The story follows Manjula Sharma, who's not a very successful Hindi short story writer, but when she writes a bestseller in English, things turn around and she becomes an acclaimed writer. 

You may not see anything wrong in skyrocketing to fame, but the question haunting Manjula is - has she betrayed her own language and identity by opting for a global audience? That certainly is a dilemma - and an intriguing one at that!

Go see how her own image plays confessor, psychologist and inquisitor.

Where | Air Force Auditorium, Dhaula Kuan
When | 17th July
Timings | 5:30 PM & 7:45 PM
Charges | Rs 862 - Rs 3,450
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