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An Automated GPS Toll Is Being Built On The DEL-MUM Corridor So You Can Pay As You Travel



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As part of the ‘pay as you travel’ scheme that’s soon to be introduced in India, an automated GPS system toll is being built on the corridor between Delhi and Mumbai! Via this GPS toll, the commuters will pay only for the distance they travel on a toll road as against the current practice of paying a fixed toll irrespective of whether they use all or part of the road. NICE! 

Here’s The Full Deets | This project has been initiated by the National Highway Authority of India and will be the first ever in India. The GPS based tolling system will be fully automatic and the vehicles under trial will be fitted with a FASTag, which would enable automatic deduction of toll charges after which the toll gates will open automatically. 

The amount will further get deducted from the vehicle holder’s account and credited to the concessionaire’s within a day! Hoping that there will be no net connectivity issues, this surely seems like a good idea. 

Waiting for these GPS tolls to be introduced across the country soon!

Sourced Via LiveMint