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An Automated Cocktail Maker That'll Help You Make Thousands Of Cocktails In Under 30 Secs!

So Delhi 1 July 2017


There’s a device which mixes cocktails on its own and oh my god are we in love with it! An Automated Cocktail Maker - Barsys is the new talk of the town and we can’t wait to own one. 

It’s got various check points which make sure that you have the perfect cocktail! It makes sure that the exact amount of ingredients are poured so that you get the perfect taste, every single time. It helps you prepare both cocktails as well as mocktails side by side while you prepare neat drinks too! Awesome! 

This amazing Automated Cocktail Maker can prepare over 1,000 cocktails in just 15-30 seconds each depending on the recipe of the drink and the complexity, plus the best bit is that you have full control over the machine so you can totally manipulate it according to your specifications! 

Sounds pretty awesome to us! 

Pre-ordering is launching soon and we just can’t wait to get ours! You’ll find this device at bars and the best bit is that your bar at home can also have this swanky cocktail maker. 

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