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An Auto Wala In Delhi Has Found A 'Jugaad' To Save His Passengers From The Biting Cold


Delhi is full of Good Samaritans and with the weather taking a bitter turn, we found this humble auto wale bhaiya who went above and beyond his duty to save our shivering souls. Here’s some good news on a cold day to warm your hearts.

Here To Save You From Winters | So, we found this auto-rickshaw driver who has come up with this ‘jugaad’ to save his passengers from the biting cold winds. The autorickshaw driver has covered the passenger section with bubble-wrap, creating a wall for the wind. A simple yet effective solution to safeguard the people from the bone-chilling temperatures and we’re applauding this one.

A small video was shared on social media and it quickly went viral, earning the praise of everyone. Let us know if you come across such people, in the comments section below.

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