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An Au Courant Conversation with Fashion Designer Nida Mahmood

So Delhi 20 Jan 2016


Nida Mahmood is a well acclaimed fashion designer who's just as popular in India as abroad. Her label pronounces rebellion against all things dull and mundane and Lady Gaga is testimony to that! We talk with the queen of Indian kitsch to find out more about her brand and inspiration behind her successful designs.

How would you define your style and brand?

My style is Boho Chic. My work is strongly inspired by India and its nuances. I revel in what really defines people, as Indians! Without being preachy, my work defines the uber cool India.

Tell us all about your experience of designing a dress for Lady Gaga?

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While designing the collection ‘The Great Indian Bohemian Tamasha’, I was making the finale dresses with 2000 led lights on them. We would talk about the dress as The Lady Gaga dress because no one else but she would be best suited for outfits this far out. A month after Fashion Week was over, I get a call from her representatives asking for me to design an outfit for her for her visit during the F1 games! I had a fabulous time talking to her and knowing her views. She is a very intelligent girl; it was indeed a pleasure to dress her.

If you were asked to choose only one outfit to wear for your entire life, what would it be?

I love Zouave pants. They are the most comfortable silhouette ever made. They define my personality and my sense of style. I could definitely live in Zouave pants

What do you think about Delhi’s fashion?

It is evolving but needs a bit more evolution. More people need to experiment and get out of the “little black dress” safe zone. People need to throw in some colour and explore fashion with a bit more faith. I also want to say, we are over and done with blonde highlights, let’s drop them for good now girls! We need to reinvent Delhi!!

What according to you makes Delhi ‘So Delhi’?

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The spirit of Delhi lies in the spiritedness of its people who are always ready to be out and about typical and “So Delhi”.

One fashion trend that you find to be totally bizarre!

Animal print! I mean what is with it! Animals in the urban jungle?

Any advice you would like to give to all the budding designers out there?

It needs a huge amount of commitment and dedication to be able to be set apart from the crowd. One needs to work honestly on creating one’s own language as opposed to copying someone else’s design sensibility.