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An ATM For Food?! Queue Up At The KFC ATM That's Giving Out Free Nashville Chicken In DLF Cyber Hub

So Delhi 23 Dec 2016


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With the ATM's all being much in demand these days, KFC has introduced its very own ATM booths but take note *pun intended* that these won't dole out your regular cash but Nashville Dollars via which you can get yourselves some Nashville Chicken at KFC *delish*! 

So basically the KFC ATM is giving out happiness in the form of chicken! *Perf right?!*
All you gotta do is queue up and on your turn answer a few questions on the touch screen and you’ll be rewarded with Nashville Dollars which can be spent at KFC for their Nashville Chicken! 

Right now the ATM is only functional in Gurgaon but soon they plan on introducing it to the rest of Delhi too!

For now you can enjoy the Nashville range at all the KFC outlets across the Capital. Nashville Chicken is "intensely flavoured with a hint of smokiness". It's extra crispy, mildly spicy with American pickles atop *drooling already*!

You can enjoy the Nashville Burger at 109 bucks or just go for two pieces of Nashville fried chicken for 169 *winning!*.

Where | Currently the ATM's only at Cyberhub, Gurgaon