We recently had the very talented Kanwal Narula of Falana Dhimkana make a beautiful string art canvas for the So Delhi office and we have to say, we're in love with our masterpiece (a little more about that later!) let's first tell you more about Kanwal and her venture.

Kanwal Narula, the mastermind behind this genius idea is a Chartered Accountant by profession, who post a couple of shots at accountancy realised that her inclination lies towards the artistic side of the world. Thus here she is following her dream and making some stellar, completely unique products! 

Falana Dhimkana is all about String Art or ‘Dori Killi’ and Kanwal Narula handles the brand by herself and the zest and zeal with which she works will inspire you to follow your dreams as well and get working on them ASAP! Just like Falana Dhimkana in Punjabi means a string of events or simpler yet - ‘this & that’, this artwork is all about putting together string and nails; It's only and only about these two things. 

What They Showcase | Their line of products includes everything from jewellery items to stationery, organisers as well as home decor products. Every product made here is handcrafted and completely unique and so no two products will ever look the same  as Kanwal is striving towards customisation instead of the run of the mill photocopy products!

Coming back to So Delhi, she made a beautiful string art piece for us representing our logo - *So* and we have to say it’s the best we’ve ever seen! With rainbow colours that showcase the colourful and happy place that So Delhi is, just looking at this every morning the moment we enter brings with it a happy & cheerful vibe! 

Nothing worth having comes easy, and this can be seen in the pictures of the entire journey of creating this one of a kind masterpiece! 

So it’s tim e to get your custom string art done and Falana Dhimkana is the best place to get it done from! 

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