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An Answer to Prayer & Clogged Roads | Delhi's Odd-Even's Coming Back With a Bang



Arvind Kejriwal has finally dropped the bomb! The much-talked-about odd-even scheme is coming back again for 15 days, starting April 15th! We know what you’re concerned about the most - and no, there’s absolutely no change in the exemption list.

Although the government was mulling over including two-wheelers, but inadequate public transport makes it impossible at this time.

The dates this time around were decided keeping in mind the school board exams that end on the 12th of April. Also, unlike last time when the government requisitioned school buses to supplement public transport, now 5,500 private buses will be hired. Plus, just like last time offenders will have to shell out Rs 2,000 this time too!

Are we ready to zoom through the traffic free city again? We’re already doing our happy dance! Go Odd-Even!

Source | Hindustan Times