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Amy's India: Ready-To-Eat, Organic Gourmet Pizzas & More For When You Don't Wanna Move


Picture Credits: @tarinimanchanda

Delicious ready-to-eat meals, made from organic products only - check out Amy’s India for their yummy home-cooked, packed meals! Yummy!

They’ve got everything from gourmet pizzas to pastas, soups and various other all-time fav snacks. But the one thing that’s got us the most excited is their Mac n Cheese *slurp slurp*! Amy’s India has been the go-to healthier frozen meal (they’re vegetarian, organic and GMO-free!) option around the world for a while now. It’s a family owned business founded and run by Rachel Berliner and her husband Andy, who founded this brand back in 1987. Frustrated with the lack of healthy and tasty frozen food options, they decided to change things up with Amy’s! 

Their products are priced at (just!) Rs 160 onwards. 

Next time we’re hungover and not in the mood to cook, but want a healthy meal, we’re going hunting for Amy’s meals! 

Where | Gurgaon, Janakpuri & Noida
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