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Amritsari Dhaba In Safdarjung Serves Delish Chicken Afghani, Seekh Kebabs & 3 More Yummies



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Situated right opposite the Safdarjung Club, we found an awesome eatery called the Amritsari Dhaba which goes unnoticed by many due to the hustle-bustle of the market. A Punjabi street food joint through and through, Amritsari Dhaba in Safdarjung serves amazingly delish meaty dishes, and here’s our fave 5!

1. Keema Naan

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Among other Punjabi delicacies, their Keema Naan is another dish that we tried here. The keema in the naan was dry and tasted better with the chutney served alongside, and makes for a nice, appetizing meal! 

2. Paneer Tikka

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The Paneer Tikka here is another speciality that’s finger-lickin’ good! Soft, tender hunks of paneer were slathered with paneer before being tandoori-fied and we gotta say we polished off every last morsel in a jiffy!

3. Chicken & Mutton Seekh Kebabs

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For the in-between work and studying hunger pangs, one must try their Chicken and Mutton Seekh Kebabs. The kebabs were soft and melted on our tongues, making them one of the must-try dishes here at Amritsari Dhaba!

4. Chicken Afghani

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If you drop by at Amritsari Dhaba, you must try their special Chicken Afghani which is total paisa vasool. The chicken was cooked on the tandoor and dipped in their special dahi curry which tasted heavenly!

5. Chicken Roll

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Their Chicken Roll was stuffed with big chunks of tandoori chicken and you can literally feel all the masalas dissolving in your mouth! Everything about this roll was perfect, and also contained loadsa onions and capsicums to add that crunch. Nicely done, you guys!

Defo stop by here if you’re out for a nice drive and in the mood for something desi and meaty!

Meal For Two | Rs 550
Call Them | +91 9873 463 461
Location | Amritsari Dhaba - Shop No. 1&2, Opp. Safdarjung Club, Safdarjung