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Amazingly Lust-Worthy Stationery That's Got Original Artwork Emblazoned on 'Em - Papeljam!

So Delhi 26 Aug 2016


Papeljam is a stationery and lifestyle brand featuring creative original artwork designs on the products, which makes them so utterly unique! These illustrations are designed by the founder herself, thus giving them an even more exclusive touch. 

The first collection showcases animals doing human things like working out, yoga, reading and dancing. There’s one with Fred The Fox doing yoga and the caption reads 'breathe in, breathe out'! Looking at that would honestly make us smile no matter how our day is going!

Their collection includes notebooks, wall clocks, folders and mini-folders in each design. They’ve recently come up with hand-painted chalkboards and notecard sets and are soon going to launch passport and credit card holders as well. Nice!

Their notebooks are priced at Rs 250.

If you love collecting notebooks with cute covers, then you just have to check out their collection! 

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