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All You Potterheads, This Harry Potter Themed Hostel In Udaipur Has Beds Starting At JUST Rs 224!


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All ya Potterheads, it’s time to head to Udaipur ‘cause this beautiful city has a hostel that you’re definitely gonna love! Scroll on to know more. 

Your Personal Hogwarts | If you have been waiting for that acceptance letter from Hogwarts ever since your read Harry Potter then The Hostelcrawl is where you need to be! This hostel will leave you awestruck with the amazing wall paintings, which have scenes from Harry Potter painted all over *WOAH*! So this is your chance to lose yourself in the magic walls of Hogwarts, the busy lanes of Diagon Alley or in the dark Forbidden Forest. *Heart eyes*

We know we’ve already given you enough reason to rush to this place now, but here’s more. This place is located right next to the breath-taking Lake Pichola and has a beautiful rooftop, displaying some of the BEST views ever! Prices for the dorms start at Rs 224 per bed - how cool is that?! You can go for a 4-bed or 6-bed dorm or a private room with a double bed. 

So book your stay here NOW for some really nice Harry Potter discussions, some amazing sunset views and a host of new friends! 

Tariff | Rs 224 Onwards
Where | The Hostelcrawl - Hill Crown Palace, Udaipur
Call For Reservations | +91 9461 854 320
Check Out Their FB Page |

These Awesome Images Of The Property Will Get You Rushing Over To This Place NOW!

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