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All You Fitness Freaks In Town, This Latest Fitness Craze Keeps You & Your Environment Fit, Cheggit!

So Delhi 6 Apr 2018


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All the fitness freaks in town, if you’re always looking for newer options to keep yourself in the pink of health then you have to check out this cool new fitness trend that has hit the city, read on! 

Pick As You Jog | A new fitness technique called plogging which is grabbing the attention of Delhizens is all about picking up garbage as and when you see it while jogging. Not only is this beneficial for our health but also for the cleanliness of our environment *NAICE*. Basically, this fitness regime is gonna give you the best of both worlds! 

This environment friendly exercise mashup came all the way from Sweden and is now gaining popularity in saddi Dilli as well. So if recently, during your morning walks, you spotted some joggers stopping along their tracks, picking up trash, you know what it’s all about!

So be a part of this awesome mashup and keep your environment and yourself healthy!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times