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All You Drama Queens & Kings: The Newbie DRAMA Upside Down Bar in Rajouri is The Place For You

So Delhi 9 Apr 2018


All you drama queens & kings, we’ve got a good new hangout place for ya! The newbie DRAMA Upside Down Bar in Rajouri Garden is undoubtedly the place for you. At this haunt, you can see specks of drama everywhere; from the ambience to the food, from the vibe to the presentation. Serving plenty of amazing options like Indian, Italian, Lebanese, Chinese, Thai, Spanish and some Mexican too, they’ll render you craving for more!

The Ambience | The first floor provides a lush experience with upside-down library (wow!), the second floor gives their patrons a party-like experience, the third floor is all-white in color with a black board ceiling that’ll make you nostalgic from your school days and a skylight, and the amazing terrace with neon paintings has the ability to take you on a journey with a great view. 

The Offerings | Smartly adding that dramatic touch to their menu as well, The DRAMA Upside Down Bar offers crazy dishes like Hot Shot Pot, Father Dairy’s Makhani Champey, Wrap-Chick, Hockey Shockey, Jhat Pat Pani Pat and many more scrumptious dishes with hilarious names you’ll crack up reading!

So head over to celebrate the drama in and around you!

Location | J-2/19, 1st - 3rd Floor, BK Dutt Market, Rajouri Garden
Meal For Two | Rs 1,800