The Dharam Paaji themed restaurant after being a thumping success in CP has found another destination to spread love and has at long last opened up in Rajouri.

What It Looks Like | The dhaba te theka style eatery gets full points for its jazzy interiors! It's bedecked with portraits of Dharmendra, bright overturned buckets as lights, quotes from his movies strewn all over the place, an offbeat theka and that highly cherished Jai-Veeru bike!

What To Chomp On | Just like it's counterpart in CP, we're affirmative that their Tawa Mutton Tikka, Butter Chicken and Balti Meat have the power to uplift anyone's spirits.

A meal for two would cost approximately Rs 1,400.

West Delhi go swing by the Dharmendra themed restaurant for a nostalgic flashback and some delectable dhaba style food!

Where | J - 2/12, BK Dutt Market, Rajouri Garden