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All Those Rumours Have Come True 'Cause Starbucks Is Now Open For Business In Green Park!



It’s time to cheer all ya South Delhi peeps! Remember we told you last time that Starbucks MIGHT just pop open in the busy Green Park area? Well, it turns out that rumour was true! So all those coffee runs before office will now be a cakewalk! *WOW*

Jonesing For Coffee? | Starbucks has been wowing us with their coffee for more than five years now and we’ve reached a stage where we JUST cannot do without our regular dose of caffeine from this awesome sauce coffee house, and they’ve just popped open yet another outlet in Green Park Market and we’re happily rubbing our hands with glee!

So all you caffeine addicts, head straight to this new Starbucks in Green Park Market!and grab your Java Chips pronto!

Meal For Two | Rs 700
Where | Starbucks - Green Park Main Market 
Check Out Their FB Page |