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All Public Buses Will Be GPS-Enabled By April 1 With Taxis & Auto-Rickshaws Following Suit Soon



The wait for a bus can be super tiring and frustrating - it can arrive within a minute or even take as long as an hour! But imagine having a GPS tracking solution that can tell you the moment you step out of your house about how soon your bus is arriving? Bliss, eh? Yes sir!

The Union Road Transport Ministry has made it mandatory for public service vehicles to be GPS enabled by April 1, and those that wouldn't go by this, will face serious action. In the upcoming couple of months, it’s hoped that the entire two-lakh strong public transport fleet in the capital including buses, taxis and auto rickshaws would be linked to a central control room!

Technology Making Things Easier For Us | Once every public vehicle is equipped with GPS, it will be super easy to track them right on your phone, helping you save tons of time! Plus GPS-enabled vehicles are always safer to travel in too, so win win!

Sounds pretty cool to us and we can’t wait for this to be executed! 

Sourced Via The Times Of India