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All Private Vehicles Except Those Running On CNG MAY Be Banned In The City Soon



Delhizens, if you own vehicles, then you must read what we’re about to tell you. We’re all aware and pretty freaked out about the pollution situation in Delhi. And now, the Central Pollution Control Board has put forth a list of recommendations about what should be done in order to help control this situation. Read on.

Ban On All Private Vehicles?! What? | Delhi may soon impose a ban on all private vehicles in the capital, except the ones running on CNG, in a bid to control the alarming pollution levels. The Central Pollution Control Board has recommended the same and has also emphasized that at least the odd-even rule should be implemented in Delhi.

The air quality in Delhi and adjoining cities like Gurgaon, Faridabad and more has been fluctuating between ‘very poor’ and ‘severe’ since a while now. And this is really frightening! Vehicles contribute as much as 40% to the total emission load in Delhi, which is basically responsible for causing pollution. Despite banning the entry of trucks in the city, the pollution level hasn't really been lowered as the huge number of cars in Delhi add substantially to the pollution levels. 

Well, banning private vehicles in Delhi seems to be quite an extreme move, and this just goes to show the severity of the situation we are in. We sincerely hope the air quality improves soon!

Sourced Via NDTV