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All Hail The Mecca Of All Quirky Stationery Lovers: We're Gushing About LetterNote!

So Delhi 3 Feb 2017


Stationery lovers, listen up - have you visited LetterNote yet? If not then you’re really missing out on something guys! All of their products are inspired by life and are festooned with some interesting and stirring quotes. 

Notebooks, frames, designer mugs, bags and accessories, they’ve got them all with sayings like Do Epic Shit, Don’t Grow Up It’s A Trap, Enjoy The Little Things In Life, You + Me + Coffee = Happy and many many more exciting ones! 

They’ve even got some exciting tees with slogans like 1 vodka 2 vodka 3 vodka FLOOR, If Things Don’t Go Right You Go Up, WTF What The Fudge and a few more we’re totes crushing on! 

Their diaries are priced at Rs 625 onwards.

Either shop online or check out their exciting little store in HKV for some fun gifts and stationery products! 

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