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All Delhi Schools To Remain Shut Till 8th July As The Heat Wave Continues



The rising temperatures in the city are so unbelievably troublesome for as Delhi feels no different from a boiler at this point. But we have some good news for y’all (read school kids). The Delhi Government on Sunday made an announcement which basically translates to more time to chill at your Nani’s house, buddies!

One More Week Of Summer Break! | All government and private schools in the city were slated to open after the summer break on 1st July but looking at the weather conditions, the Delhi Government has decided to extend the summer vacations by another week which means that now, all the schools in Delhi will reopen on 8th of July. However, this is only applicable to the students of up to class 8.

The schools will open for higher classes as per the schedule and this order will be applicable to both private and government schools. Seems like the government realises that the heat’s indeed been getting the best of us, especially the kids. Kudos!

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