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All Delhi Hospitals Will Have To Provide Cashless Treatment To Road Accident & Acid Attack Victims



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For all those good samaritans of the city who believe in helping others, here’s something you need to know. The government has decided to provide cashless treatment to all the victims of road accidents, acid attack survivors and make people aware of their rights in such a situation.

Now Care Without Fear | Delhi government recently issued a notice which will make all hospitals, including the private ones, offer cashless treatment to victims of road accidents and acid-attacks under ‘Farishte Dilli Ke’ scheme. All the hospitals have received orders from the Health Department of the Delhi Government to put up at least three information boards at three prominent places where the movement of the public is the highest.

The boards must convey that their hospitals provide cashless treatments to such victims. Since February 2018, when the government launched the scheme, they have been able to save more 3,000 people. Under this scheme, the hospitals need not enter into any sort of contracts to receive a reimbursement of the payment. 

Plus, refusal to provide cashless treatment to victims who have been brought or referred or transferred to concerned private hospitals under 72 hours will be considered as a punishable offence and the government will initiate a suspension of the certificate against the hospital.

Sourced Via The Times Of India