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All Cabs In Delhi (Including Ola & Uber) Will Have GPS-Based Panic Buttons By April 2019

Delhi Insider 19 Sept 2018


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We women have to think twice before taking a cab in the capital, especially late at night. And while we’re in the cab, thousands of foreboding thoughts keep bothering us. But the Transport Department might have a solution for this. Read on!

Panic Buttons At Your Service | From April next year, all taxis operating in Delhi, even from app-based aggregator platforms like Ola & Uber, will have GPS-based panic buttons for the safety of passengers, especially women. This initiative is being taken by the Transport Department of the Delhi Government.

Here’s the deal - the panic button will be connected to the GPS device of the vehicle, so whenever a person presses the button, an SOS icon will appear on the GPS tracking screens at the control room of the Transport Department.

The Transport Department has, in turn, set up an Operations Control Centre where they’ve started real-time tracking of auto rickshaws, taxis and other public vehicles. However, cabs operated by app-based aggregators aren’t being tracked as of now.

But now, thanks to this new initiative by the Transport Department, all these cabs’ locations will soon be tracked via GPS. These panic buttons are gonna make cab rides safer for us and we really can’t thank the Delhi Government enough for this move!

Sourced Via The Times Of India