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Alcoholic Buntas and Desi Modern Food | Here's Why we Feel Bunta Bar is Buntastic

So Delhi 9 Apr 2018


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A gigantic chandelier crafted out of bunta Bottles, Bunta Bar is a place to relive your childhood bunta memories while sitting comfortably in the midst of magnificent interiors. 

Amazing alcoholic buntas | Providing refreshing buntas for adults or Alcoholic Buntas as they are called, this is a real cray jaunt for all the hippies. Don’t forget to to try their Aam Panna Vodka - an amazing fruity alcoholic bunta that will pump you up at any time of the day.

A meal for two at this super rad place would cost you somewhere around Rs 1,200. 

Infusing Indian delicacies with a modern twist, they provide some real crazy dishes like Palak Paneer Flat Bread ( Desi Pijja ) besides a lot of other interesting options. Go try!

Location | 2nd Floor, 76, Janpath