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Alan Walker Of 'Faded' Fame Is Sauntering Over For An Exclusive Gig @ Playboy Club

City Wire 12 Sept 2017


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Alan Walker, the star behind the hit pop song ‘Faded’ is headed to Delhi for an exclusive gig at Playboy Club and oh boy is it going to be LIT! 

The Norwegian record producer has received platinum certifications for his track 'Faded' in 10 countries *woah*. And now he’s finally hitting the capital city for his first ever show here! He opened for Justin Bieber’s concert in Mumbai last May, but Delhiites will get to see this awesome DJ for the first time in the city!

As part of his summer tour, he just posted about his solo gig in India at the Playboy Club in Chanakyapuri! SWEET! 

The tickets aren’t on sale yet, but they’ll be out soon, so stay tuned for further deets guys! 

When | Wednesday, 20th September
Where | Playboy Club - Hotel Samrat, Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri
Entry | TBD 
Check Out The Artist’s FB Page |