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Air India To Begin Bookings For International Flights Under Vande Bharat Mission Today



With the number of Coronavirus cases not exactly going down, resumption of flights to its former glory seems like a distant future at the moment. But Air India is opening its bookings for stranded passengers to these 7 locations and here’s all the info. 

Now Accepting Bookings | Under the Vande Bharat Mission’s third phase, Air India will be opening its bookings for destinations to the U.S. and Canada, at 5 PM from Friday, the 5th of June. These are being opened to facilitate passengers to several destinations in the U.S., from the 9th to 30th of June.   

The destinations include New York, Newark, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco, Vancouver and Toronto. The aviation ministry will wait for the domestic flights to touch 50-60% and then monitor the spread of the virus until the lockdown restrictions are completely uplifted. Till then, inbound and outbound passengers will be aided under Vande Bharat Mission. 

International flights may begin in the third phase of unlocking, which doesn’t have a definite date at the moment. The first phase begins on the 8th of June i.e. Monday and the second may begin in July.

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