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AIIMS Has Planned To Reach Out To 2,000 Delhi School Kids For Better Mental Health



Don’t we keep talking about mental health all the time yet happen to forget the importance of the same at a grassroots level? However, it seems like AIIMS has realised how essential it is to educate all the students about the significance of mental health and a positive mind.

A Healthy Mind = A Healthy Body | AIIMS has signed an MOU with Airports Authority of India (AAI) for a project called MATE (Mind Activation Through Education), a school-wellness programme on mental health. They have planned to reach out to 2,000 school-going students of 6th to 8th grade in Delhi with an aim to build stronger mental health among students which would, in turn, make them more competitive and help them maintain a positive lifestyle.

According to the experts, major reasons behind the mental illness of a child are gaming, social media, peer pressure, parental spying, traumatic experiences in early childhood, stress, relationship problems and more. So, they plan to reach out to these students and make them realise the importance of topics such as a relationship with oneself, respect for self, substance abuse, sex education, how to maintain a balance between their mind and body and much more.

Students will be made aware of the good use of technology, balanced use of the internet and workshops will be conducted for students and parents and the outcome would be monitored at the end of each year. Once the initial phase of MATE is introduced, the same will be applied for students of 9th grade and above. 

So, let’s hope this project makes the city and eventually nation, realise the importance of mental health amongst students as well.

Sourced Via Hindustan Times