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After Years Of Delay India's First Driverless Pod Taxi Will Soon Be A Reality *Woohoo*!



Delhi’s much awaited pod taxi will finally become a reality after many delays and is launching soon! YAY! Finally, the tender for the project will be given out in Feb and then there’s no stopping guys, this cool new technology is hitting the capital and how. 

Why We Just Can’t Keep Calm | This project, known as Metrino, was stuck for more than a year because of various safety concerns which have finally been cleared and the first 70 km long track is all set to be built. 
The routes of this driverless train will have a bunch of stations, originating in Gurgaon, and each pod will have the capacity to carry 5 passengers. 

The average speed of the pods will be around 60 km/hr and there will also be an option to book the entire pod and skip the scheduled stations as well. Handy! These pods will lead to de-congestion of roads for the office goers on NH8 *thank god*.

We’re SUPER excited for this to be launched! 

Sourced Via Hindustan Times