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After Wooing us With Their Funky Ice-Creams, Bhane Now Introduces a Range of Sizzling Pizzas

So Delhi 27 June 2016


Bhane's cozy store-cum-cafe has finally decided to go beyond just ice creams and coffees by introducing a brand spanking new range of enticing pizzas! 

The range of cheesy delights | They're offering a Classic Margarita, Olive and Pesto Pizza, Pear Rocket Ricotta Pizza and Marinara with Rosemary Baby Potatoes as of now, but plan on coming up with another new range soon as the season changes.

Head over, play some of their board games, relish their crispy pizzas and sift through their selection of sneakers displayed on the same floor!

Drive Down To | Bhane, 135 / 136, Mehar Chand Market, Lodhi Road