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After The Cancellation Of Board Exams This Is How CBSE May Evaluate Students!

Delhi Insider 30 June 2020


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You may have heard by now that the board examinations for classes 10th and 12th have been cancelled. And now, the most important question looming on everyone's minds are assessments. And so, we’re here to tell you about this alternative proposal that’s currently being considered at the moment. 

What’s Next?! | The Central Board Of Secondary Examination (CBSE) has prepared a proposal to assess those students whose boards were recently cancelled. For students of classes 10th and 12th who have completed all their examinations, their results will be declared on the basis of the internal assessment and exam performance. But for those who have appeared in more than 3 examinations, their average will probably be calculated on the basis of the ‘best of 3’ subjects which will then be awarded in the subjects whose examinations haven’t been conducted. 

Students who have appeared for just 3 subjects will be evaluated on the basis of ‘best of 2’ and this will then be awarded to the assessments which haven’t been organised. But there are students in the city who have appeared in just one exam so their marks will be calculated on the basis of internal assessments and projects along with the result of the exam they’d taken. Plus, these students will be allowed to take an optional exam that the CBSE will conduct once the situation gets better, to improve their performance. 

However, this option is only applicable for students of standard 12th as for class 10th, exams have been entirely scrapped! 

Do you think this is a suitable alternative to evaluate students?

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