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After Mumbai & Kochi, The City Gets Its First Community Fridge So No One Goes Hungry

So Delhi 9 July 2017


After Mumbai boasting of a good community kitchen, it’s time for Delhi NCR to also finally be blessed by the same! Thus, some good peeps in GGN finally got together and launched the city’s first ever community fridge so that no one ever goes to bed hungry! 

The idea of a community fridge is that people can donate whatever food they don’t need here so that those in need can get food to sustain themselves. With food waste becoming a global concern, community refrigerators have come up all over the world. 

The concept isn't completely new in India. Mumbai and Kochi also have some community fridges that are doing the public a lot of good. But it's the first time in Gurgaon, and people are excited about it! 

The fridge is located near the exit gate of Suncity Flats in Sector 54. The main brain behind this initiative was Rahul Khera, who is an IT professional living in Gurgaon, and a proud member of Sharing Shelves - an organisation that helps reduce food wastage in India. 

Sounds like something amazing to us, looking forward to a couple more such initiatives in and around the city! 

Sourced Via India Today