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After Mumbai, Gothic Black Ice Cream Has FINALLY Arrived In Delhi & Looks Oh-So-Delicious!



We’ve always been fascinated by funky ice creams, and guess what, after Mumbai, the trend of black gothic ice creams has finally hit the capital! The Funnel Hill Creamery, an all new ice cream parlour in town, has introduced this concept in town and we’re so excited to go check it out! 

Gothic Ice Creams FTW | Giving ice creams a little bit of a revamp, you’ve gotta give the ones at The Funnel Hill Creamery a shot right away! They’ve got something that they call Gothic Ice Creams in which they’ve got 3 options - Nightmare, Devil’s Hill and Crazy Panda. These come in either black cones or red velvet cones depending on the flavour of your choice with a super scrumptious scoop of black coconut ice cream! YUM! 

Apart from the Gothic Ice Cream, they’ve also got a whole bunch of other flavours like Cookies & Cream, Nutty America, Gossip Girl XOXO, Apple Pie Crumble and lots more! They’ve also got Bubble Waffles with a crazy amount of toppings on ‘em to try out.

Go ahead and check out this cutesy new creamery in Green Park and ace your Insta game!

Price Per Cone | Rs 189
Where | The Funnel Hill Creamery - G-55, Green Park Main Market
Check Out Their FB Page |