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After Delhi Metro Increased Their Fares, Ridership Fell By 1.5 Lakhs Per Day In June!


Guys, Delhi Metro has been increasing its fare prices recently, and probably they didn’t expect this, but their ridership fell by 1.5 lakhs per day in June itself post the hike! WOAH! 

The fare hike in May has totally led to a major backfire for them with such a huge fall in the overall ridership. Delhi Metro, which had registered a sustained growth in ridership over a long period, saw a decline of 44.80 lakh passengers this past June *woah*! 

From 10th May, the minimum passenger fare was increased from Rs 8 to 10 and the maximum fare from Rs 30 to 50. A majority of metro passengers travel a distance of 15 kms and the fare in this slab was increased from Rs 18 to 40. This fare structure will remain effective till September. From 1st October, the minimum fare for travelling a distance of over 2 kms will rise even further by Rs 10. 

Though Delhi Metro is now saying that this fall in ridership could have happened due to any reason, but since this fall has coincided with the fare increase, this can’t just be written off as a mere coincidence!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times