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After Combatting Air Pollution For Yrs, Here's How The Lockdown Is Helping The Cause In Delhi



The city along with the entire nation has been on lockdown for a while now and this has directly impacted the air quality index of the city. Confused? Read on to know what we’re talking about.

Drop In Air Pollution | We Delhizens have been well aware of the fact that the city’s air quality is constantly unhealthy. But ever since the lockdown imposed on the entire country there has been a drastic change in this situation. The air quality of the city has improved and boy are we happy about it! Saadi Dilli which has been trying to fix the rising pollution levels in the city for many years now, witnesses a drop in the AQI of the city at 54 on Thursday, the 26th of March. 

A city where the average AQI is anywhere between 150-200, this seems like a massive improvement. And guess what? When it’s not cloudy, you can actually see the gorgeous blue sky while you sit on the balcony. 

During this whole lockdown, we are probably being taught the need to live in harmony with nature and it doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Does it now?!

Sourced Via IndiaToday