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After Black Ice Cream, This Joint Offers Bright Green Ice Cream With Rainbow Marshmallows!



Picture Credits: cravingsnation

Whether it’s summers or winters, it’s always ice cream time! And the city’s got some of the most exciting ice cream fads like the black ice cream that flooded all of our Insta feeds. Cremeborne is one such place that offers the activated charcoal black ice cream, but that’s not what we’re gushing about this time - there’s another cool ice cream on their menu - the Cool Green Ice Cream called Vanilla Crust! 

Move Over Black Ice Cream | Time to gorge on something much more exciting than the basic ice cream flavours like vanilla and chocolate because the city’s now flooded with awesome sauce international trends! 

This cool green ice cream called the Vanilla Crust is basically a Vanilla Birthday Cake ice cream that’s green in colour, and comes sprinkled with colourful frosties with two rainbow marshmallows sticking out and is served in a black cone! YUM!

Sounds cool to us, and we’re totally heading over soon to go check it out! 

Meal For Two | Rs 500
Where | Cremeborne - 57, Municipal Market, Connaught Circle, CP
Check Out Their FB Page |