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After B-Town and Coldplay, Taxi Fabric Gives a Makeover to Delhi's Autos!



Mumbai based design project Taxi Fabric has vroomed into town, known for giving a vibrant makeover to auto rickshaws and taxis in B Town including Coldplay's 'Hymn for the weekend' video that was shot in Mumbai!! 

Their Vision | If you're wondering why unlike the graffiti artists these guys have picked autos for makeovers then the answer lies within - it's the best medium for their art to reach the masses, painting the autos with a variety of themes including gender sensitization. 

Delhi’s First Masterpiece | Making the interiors of the auto their canvas, they've created a starry night behind the Humayun's Tomb. His theme being "Tassavur" which in Urdu translates to imagination, just ideal for the first project.

We can't wait to see what other themes these guys have in mind but for now our mission would be to find this particular auto! Tell us if you spot it.

Sourced Via Hindustan Times